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This first group may be of special interest to visitors to Cornwall.

http://www.kingedwardmine.co.uk King Edward Mine Museum.

http://www.poldarkmine.org.uk/Poldark one of Cornwall’s most important heritage sites. Situated in the picturesque Wendron Valley, once the scene of intense industrial activity, the site’s attractive surroundings and gardens belie its industrial past. Poldark Mine is situated 2 miles from Helston on the B3297 to Redruth - Follow the Brown Signs. By Bus from Redruth, Truro and Helston. Open to visitors.

http://www.geevor.com Geevor Mine Geevor mine and Heritage Centre. Open to visitors

https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/levant-mine-and-beam-engine Levant Mine information from the National Trust, about one of Cornwall's most famous mines. Open to Visitors.

The East Pool Mine. Michell's whim (winding engine) is easily found beside the main road at Pool where the visitor centre can be found. A ticket also allows for a visit to the fabulous 90" pumping engine on Taylors shaft across the road. http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/east-pool-mine. Open to vistors. Whim featured at right >

https://cornwalltrails.net/main-trails/the-great-flat-lode/ Explore the Great Flat Lode. A trail laid out for cycling and walking through great mining country. Google "great flat lode" for much more information.

All other mining related links.

http://projects.exeter.ac.uk/cornishlatin/index.php This website is devoted to the Cornish in Latin America.

http://www.nmrs.co.ukMining History Net Work.

http://www.iarecordings.org/ I.A. Recordings. A voluntary group recording British Industry for posterity, includes Cornish Mines.

http://www.namho.org/ The National Association of Mining History Organization.

http://www.manxmines.com I.O.M. (Laxey) Mines Research Group./

http://www.trevithicksociety.info/ The Trevithick Society is paticularly concerned with the preservation and history of Beam Engines..

http://mossengineering.co.uk Moss Engineering. Engineering business run by Roger Moss a member of C.B.M.S. and a keen supporter of K.E.M. who have manufactured obsolete parts for K.E.M. Roger is also a keen Scott Motorcycle enthusiast. Links from his web site to Scott Owners Club which is very interesting.

The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers was established in 1852 in Newcastle to look at the safety of mining and to establish a literary institution. Today the Institute houses the most comprehensive mining and mechanical engineering library in the world and works to publicise mining and mechanical engineering through education, the young engineers programme and the preservation of historically important works.

http://www.balmaiden.co.uk/ Welcome to this Bal Maidens and Mining Women website, exploring the many different roles which women and girls have undertaken at mines around the world.


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Watts parallel motion at the East Pool Whim.

This is the preserved double acting beam winding engine built by Holman Bros in 1887. This shows the indoor end of the beam and Watt's parallel motion connecting the beam to the piston rod. This matches the linear motion of the piston rod the arc described by the beam end with a considerable degree of accuracy. The whole is kept together by the two grey radius rods move diagonally from left to top centre of the picture and are anchored to the massive wooden beam top right. It is said the James Watt claimed this was the invention of which he was most proud.

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